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 The Laurel watershed encompasses the Ten Mile Creek, Four Mile Creek, and Deer Creek drainages.   Flow is from east to west entering Barrett Lake which empties into the Nooksack River north east of Ferndale.   The watershed is very diverse in land uses with dairies, berries, and potatoes in the northern portion and small scale urban ag dominating the southern portion.   


2023 Action Items

1. Assist landowners in preparing for a water          right adjudication – develop legal strategy


2. Implement 5 year plan for drainage.                    Encourage landowners to suggest drainage        improvements.

3. Support DNA testing for water quality.  Use          information to better educate landowners.


4. Complete fish friendly tidegate on Cougar            Creek


5. Communicate with landowners through WFF      newsletters and posts


6. Monitor and reduce problem beavers. 

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